Seminar On Telecommunication Network Planning And Optimisation For Developing Countries

Over the past months, several staff of the eGovernment Agency seized the opportunity to develop and strengthen their ICT and related skills. These opportunities came in the form of ICT-based training courses/seminars sponsored by the governments of the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of South Korea, and the Republic of India. This series of articles will focus on each participant’s reflection on the experience.

Today, Mr. Kevon Smith, an ICT engineer within the Infrastructure Division of the Agency, shares his recent experiences and lessons learnt from his participation in the Seminar on “Telecommunication Network Planning & Optimisation for Developing Countries” in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. The three week seminar began on the 21st July, 2016 and was hosted by Wuhan Research Institute of Post and Telecommunications and sponsored by Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.

I participated in a combination of classroom lectures and field visits. The lectures covered multiple topics related to the ICT and its applications; including LTE technology, WLAN, FTTH and Fibre Optic technologies. Along with the other participants, I visited Beijing where I conquered the “Great Wall of China” after a mere 1 hour and 45 minute climb; I toured the beautiful “Li River” of Guilin and experienced simulated life in an ancient Chinese village in the Guangxi Province. Ancient Chinese Village in the Guangxi Province.

My professional capacity has been improved by the technologies I have been exposed to on this short Seminar. I have the utmost confidence, that with continued strategic planning and optimisation, the eGovernment Agency can leverage and further develop the existing national LTE and fibre optic infrastructure to improve Guyana’s ICT rankings as it relates to the implementation of post-modern solutions such as Internet of Things.