Boosting Our Capacity:Next Generation For Telecommunications Construction For Developing Countries

Over the past months, several staff of the eGovernment Agency seized the opportunity to develop and strengthen their ICT and related skills. These opportunities came in the form of ICT-based training courses/seminars sponsored by the governments of the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of South Korea, and the Republic of India. This series of articles will focus on each participant’s reflection on the experience.

Mr. Owen Betton, an ICT engineer within the Infrastructure Division of the Agency, participated in the Seminar on “Next Generation Telecommunication Construction for Developing Countries” in the People’s Republic of China. The three week Seminar, which began on the 10th May, 2016, offered Mr. Betton clear insight into the use and structure of equipment and technologies currently employed by the eGovernment Agency.

The Seminar comprised overview and laboratory sessions focused on optical fibre technologies, GPON technology and equipment, PEOTN, 100G technology and products, Smart City technologies and ODN solutions. Cultural activities; such as Learn to Speak Chinese and visits to national sites; were also included.