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We Offer ICT Services
to Government Agencies

Private Leased Circuit (PLC) Service

NDMA provides, as a service, Private Leased Circuit (PLC) connectivity between two or more locations connected via dedicated fiber optic connection.

Internet Service

NDMA provides, as a service, access to the Internet for Government entities via its ultra-high speed service and dedicated fiber optic network connections.

ICT Consultancy

NDMA, as the vanguard of the Government of Guyanaโ€™s ICT drive, employs creative and innovative employees to aid in the provision and delivery of quality products and services.

Cloud Support Services

NDMA in partnership with the Government of Guyana has implemented โ€œG-Cloudโ€ as part of the Authorityโ€™s Virtualized Data Center Project.

Public IP Address Issuance

NDMA provides a public (or external) IP address to identify your local network to the outside world.

Securing Government ICT Resources

Our Cybersecurity Division focuses on safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the Government of Guyanaโ€™s ICT infrastructure together with its services, applications, and data.