We are on a Mission


To transform the delivery of government services using the Internet and other Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

As the agency responsible for implementing Guyana’s eGovernment agenda, the NDMA has been working to ensure that Government Agencies and Ministries as well as Guyanese citizens stay connected to access public services online.

In keeping with this mandate, we have established over 105 ICT Hubs in poor, remote and hinterland communities; connected over 105 secondary schools and tertiary institutions as well as 175 primary schools across the country; expanded coverage of the eGovernment network, among other initiatives.

What we do



Fostering the development of Communities through readily available access to ICT services


In a country with a fully functioning digital government, citizens are better able to access public services and play an integral role in the furtherance of good governance, transparency, accountability, democracy and sustainable development.


Ensuring a whole-of-Government approach in the deployment of services from public entities.


Focusing on safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the Government of Guyana’s ICT infrastructure together with its services, applications, and data.

In the news


Stay updated with what we do as the NDMA works to  achieve its mandate of transforming the delivery of public services.