ICT TECHNICIAN – NOC: – To operate, administer and maintain Network Operations Centre (NOC) facilities in order to maintain a 99.95% uptime for the infrastructure provided by the eGovernment Agency. Activities Participate as part of the implementation team of the NOC section. Responsible for the commissioning and decommissioning of devices within the department. Responsible for […]



ICT TECHNICIAN – DATA COMMUNICATIONS: – To execute tasks related to the implementation of various ICT projects as well as routine and emergency maintenance activities on data communication systems maintaining consistent, high quality ICT services provided by the eGovernment Agency. Activities Efficiently and effectively execute tasks and duties assigned in relation to the maintenance of […]


Senior Project Officer

Senior Project Officer: – To provide support to the Head of the Project Management Office by planning and designing ICT project, coordinating and managing the implementation of the eGovernment Monitoring and Evaluation framework. Activities: Direct and coordinate the activities of the professional and support staff of the department. Develop and implement monitoring and evaluation systems […]


Project Officer

Project Officer: – To assist the Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Administrator in coordinating and managing the implementation of the eGovernmentc framework to ensure that all ICT projects are efficiently and effectively executed and to serve as overall subject matter expert on ICT Projects Planning and Design particularly relating to fiber optic infrastructure and other advanced […]


Assistant/ICT Engineer – Software-Defined Data Centre

Assistant/ICT Engineer – Software-Defined Data Centre; To serve as a technical expert in the administration of all aspects of the NDMA’s hyper-converged infrastructure, including management of hardware, software and security, in addition to supporting Windows and LINUX operating systems; emailing and web hosting systems for the eGovernment Network. Activities  – Managing the day to day […]


Assistant/ICT Engineer – Web and Email

Assistant/ICT Engineer – Web and Email; To assist and support the efficient and effective administration and maintenance of the NDMA’s web and email hosting platform for government websites and email. Activities -To manage and maintain the daily operations pertaining to the NDMA’s Web and Email platforms – Maintenance of a library of all components of […]


Assistant /ICT Engineers-Power & Environment

Assistant /ICT Engineers-Power & Environment: – To administrate and maintain all AC, DC and Alternative Power systems and solutions to provide consistent high quality power supply to all eGovernment Infrastructure equipment. Activities: Implement approved electrical power supply designs, solutions and maintenance plans for all eGovernment systems. Execute projects and other duties as they are assigned. […]


Assistant /ICT Engineers-Transmission

Assistant /ICT Engineers-Transmission: – To design, administrate and maintain all data transmission systems and solutions within eGovernment Agency and connecting all government ministries and agencies so as to provide consistent high quality ICT services to all clients of the eGovernment Agency.Activities. Engineer, implement and improve Wide Area Network solutions and maintenance plans for all eGovernment-networked […]

NDMA on the Move

Important Notice

The National Data Management Authority (NDMA) understands the concerns of residents who are unable to access Government Free Wi-Fi currently. Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic and guidelines issued by the National COVID-19 Taskforce our technical team is unable to travel. The safety of communities and NDMA staff is of the utmost priority. NDMA looks […]