New Opportunity Corps joins the eGovernment Network

A bright future awaits students of the New Opportunity Corps (NOC). As promised by Mr. Floyd Levi, Head of the eGovernment Agency/Ministry of Public Telecommunications, on his September 27th tour of the secondary schools and institutions along the Essequibo Coast – the NOC’s computer laboratory was equipped with fifteen computer systems, and Internet access on Friday, 30th September, 2016.

Young residents of the NOC will also have an opportunity, under the Improving Digital Equity, Access and Learning (IDEAL) Programme, to develop marketable IT skills as the eGovernment Agency has committed to providing trained IT teachers to ensure students make full use of their new facilities.

Senior Training Officer of the NOC, Mr. Parasram Singh, expressed the Corps’ sincere appreciation and gratitude for the prompt provision of the promised equipment and service, and reiterated their eagerness to begin the new IT training programme