Moraikobai Student Dormitory, Mahaicony Amerindian Hostel connected to eGovernment Network

The NDMA over the last week continued its mandate of taking free internet to under-served areas around the country. Last week’s journey took the team- including the NDMA Chairman Mr Floyd Levi and Director of Community Development and Social Management, Mr. Phillip Walcott- to Region Five where they met with the Toshao of Moraikobai , Colin Adrian at the Moraikobai Student Dormitory in Mahaicony. The Dormitory and the Mahaicony Amerindian Hostel were recently connected on the eGovernment network and residents are now able to access free internet.

The community of Moraikobai, which is located along the Mahaicony River, is also slated to be connected.  “It is a boost for us as residents in Moraikobai and students in the dormitory. We will have to set guidelines for the dormitory and put polices in place because they are not allowed to use smart phones, but because this is a government initiative and now we are on board we are looking to see how we can get it up and running and try to care it, but I see it as something very useful. This is something I have been advocating for, for a very long time and I welcome the initiative,” Toshao Adrian said.

At the Hostel, Caretaker, Megan Adrian explained that the residents welcome the free access to the internet.  “People will be happy for the internet because they were asking for it and I threw it out to the Toshao and it came through very fast and I know the people here will be happy for it,” she said.