NDMA meets with residents of Region 5 Communities

NDMA Chairman Mr Floyd Levi and Director of Community Development and Social Management, Mr. Phillip Walcott, last week visited several ICT Hubs in Regions Five and Six to meet with members of the Management Committees. Among those visited were Weldaad, Blairmont, Caracas, No. 53 Village, Kildonan and Liverpool. The Committee members expressed their gratitude to meet with the NDMA representatives and discussions were held on concerns and possible improvements that can be made to ensure the Hubs continue to function effectively. During those meetings, the NDMA Chairman also introduced the intention to supply stipends to volunteers in order to ensure that the Hubs remain open at the stipulated times set out by the Management Committees and that persons can receive technical assistance while visiting the Hubs.

NDMA Chairman Mr Levi with residents of Caracas