NDMA continues outreach in Regions Five and Six

Chairman of the National Data Management Authority (NDMA), Mr Floyd Levi, and team continued their outreach at Community ICT Hubs in Regions Five and Six. The outreach is part of an effort to meet with the Management Committee of the ICT Hubs and other stakeholders to discuss concerns and other matters regarding the functioning of the Hubs. Visits were made to the Glasgow, Sisters Village and Yakusari ICT Hubs as well as the Yakusari and Sisters Primary Schools. The Sisters Primary School is the most recently connected location on the eGovernment Network.

Head of the Management Committee at the Yakusari Community ICT Hub in Black Bush Polder, Mr Mohabir Ramnath said that the children of the community benefit the most from the Hub. “The Hub is working good so far and a lot of youths are using the WiFi and children come out to get computer training, so it is a great initiative by the government. It is open every day because the cultural centre is here, so they have access all the time,” he said.


Mr Mohabir Ramnath

Ms Omehanna Layne – Cameron, Headmistress of the Yakusari Primary School said that the free internet access at the school provided by the NDMA is a great help to the 126 students who attend the school, particularly when it comes to doing assignments. “We are very grateful at Yakusari Primary School for this service because we have something called ‘Continuous Assessment’ currently in process and sometimes the children have assignments to do and that means they have access to the internet from right in the computer centre here, so we are very grateful to have free WiFi from the Government,” she said.


Ms Omehanna Layne – Cameron

Also giving high praise for the service was Mr Tajeram Persaud, who is head of the Blairmont Community ICT Hub Management Committee. The NDMA met with Mr Persaud during their previous visit on September 5, 2018. “Having an ICT Hub in Blairmont is excellent. I am not looking after here and there. I am looking after the children of Blairmont- the future of tomorrow. I invested in this Hub … I am here to help not to gain a benefit but to let the children get the benefit. I am very happy for the ICT Hub in Blairmont. We are thankful and we are committed to making it work for the people of this community,” he said.


Tajeram Persaud

The NDMA also had meetings with stakeholders in other communities within the two regions to discuss the possibility of establishing more ICT Hubs and Public Internet Access Points in those areas.