EGov Lays The Foundation For Establishment Of A Community Ict Hub In Baracara

Imagine, living without Internet access and cellphones; in a place where making a phone call is dependent on whether the single landline in your village is available or even working at that time, and where access to the basic amenities (such as receiving mail) are often delayed due to the remoteness of the area. This is what the residents of Baracara face on a daily basis.

Baracara is located some fifty miles up the Canje River and has a population of approximately 300 persons, 60% of which are youths. On August 23rd, 2016 the Community Development team of the eGovernment Agency (Ministry of Public Telecommunications), headed by Mr. Phillip Walcott, visited the remote village. The team met with Mr. Marshal Thompson (Chairman of the CDC) and Ms. Natasha Joseph (Police Officer) to discuss the establishment of a Community ICT Hub at the Baracara Community Centre and the election of members of the Hub’s Management and Monitoring Committees.

Given their [Baracaras’s residents] current isolation, the need for a Community ICT Hub is undeniable. Mr. Thompson said it best when he stated, “We [Baracara’s residents] really need this, especially for the younger ones.” With the establishment of the new Community ICT Hub, residents will have greater access to eGovernment services and the outside world. The Management and Monitoring Committees are integral to the sustainable operations of the Hub and to ensuring that residents fully benefit once the Hub is operational. The newly elected members of the Management Committee are Kevin Joseph (Chairperson), Tiffney Dey (Vice Chairperson), Umerlala DeJong (Secretary), Vonez Amsterdam (Treasurer), Ronesha Amsterdam (Assistant Secretary), Selwyn Liddle (Assistant Treasurer) and Cloyd Hinds (Committee Member). While the Monitoring Committee now comprises Marvin Hinds (Chairperson), Joyan Joseph, Ayecia Hinds, Kerol Amsterdam and Neron Parks