Boosting Our Capacity: Seminar On Big Data Hosted In The Republic Of India

Over the past months, several staff of the National Data Management Authority (NDMA) Ministry of Public Telecommunications,eGovernment Programme seized the opportunity to develop and strengthen their ICT and related skills. These opportunities came in the form of ICT-based training courses/seminars sponsored by the governments of the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of South Korea, and the Republic of India. This series of articles will focus on each participant’s reflection on the experience. Today, Ms. Fauya Cromwell (ICT Engineer, eServices Division) shares her recent experience. Ms. Cromwell attended the Seminar on Big Data in the Republic of India at the Centre of Development for Advanced Computing (CDAC) in Noida from December 2016 to March 2017.

Big data simply put is the storage, processing and analysis of large volumes of data from which useful information can be obtained. This useful information is derived from the use of statistical methodologies to analyze the patterns and trends in the data. The information obtained can serve as the cornerstone to help inform, and often, drive public policies. Furthermore, it can assist industries, whether public or private, to make more fact based decisions, which can lead to a more productive society. Moreover, it focuses on making large volumes of information readily and speedily available to the public and ensuring that the data once stored is not easily corruptible.
According to Ms. Cromwell the course proved to be fruitful with regards to understanding the concepts of Big data, the various branches available in that field for specialization and its application in today’s society. She also expressed her gratitude to the Government of Guyana and India for giving her the opportunity to further her studies. She also thanks the staff of CDAC and her friends in India for their care and hospitality