Senior Management Retreat at Skeldon Estate (Berbice)

The eGovernment Agency held a successful five day Strategic Planning Retreat for its Senior Management at GUYSUCO’s Skeldon Sugar Estate over the period November 2-6, 2016

The main objective of the Strategic Planning Retreat was to develop the building blocks for a draft eGovernment Strategy, which will fit into the wider national digital strategy. Specifically, the Management Team aimed to:

  1. Evaluate the environmental context for eGovernment implementation in Guyana; conduct a SWOT Analysis, and prepare a Systems of Activity Diagram, and a Business Model Canvas.
  2. Validate the purpose, vision, mission and core values of the Agency; including divisional purpose, structures, objectives and key performance indicators.
  3. Agree on priorities and articulate the action plan for the implementation of the National eGovernment Strategy (2017-2021).