Post Offices to become internet hubs

With the commissioning of the Kitty Post Office, the Minister of Public Telecommunication has said that she is going to turn all Post Offices into ICT Hubs so that they can generate some other source of income in these changing times and technologies.
The Minister ,Ms Catherine Hughes, stated, “I want to say that postal services are going through a metamorphosis.
Fast advancing telecommunication technology has of course diminished the quality of hand mail.
“By that we mean letters, postcards and the like, things that post offices normally handled for over 200 years. We recognized that times have changed, methods of communication have changed.

“These national sources of revenue have undergone some challenges.
This is why we are reviewing and reorganizing.
Our focus to more effectively accommodate the 20th century needs of citizens and the necessary changing roles of the post office all across Guyana.
“We recognized that with the increased connection with the World Wide Web for online shopping for most consumers the entrepreneurial activities and the possibilities of ecommerce and the many marketing opportunities the internet offers anybody that might be producing a good and is able to sell it online.”
“They will not close instead they will focus on ecommerce by providing a fast, affordable delivery service for parcels and boxes around all the regions and internationally.”
The Guyana Post Office Corporation plans to demolish most of the derelict structures and reconstruct and refurbish in a modern layout.
These post offices will be inclusive of proper security mechanisms, ICT hubs , air conditioning, comfortable seating and of course lavatory facilities.
The initiative is to be implemented and by the end of the year, and provide a lot of citizens with internet service and reliable ecommerce activities.