ICT Hubs,in Regions 5 and 6, equipped with Internet and Computers

On 16 November, the eGovernment Agency/Ministry of Public Telecommunications returned to the Community ICT Hubs in Port Mourant, Manchester, and Trafalgar Union. These hubs were previously granted Internet access via the eGovernment Network (eGovNet).

During Wednesday’s visits, thirty -one (31) computers were deployed across the three locations. The Port Mourant Community Centre received four (4) computers, the Lan-Liv-Man Community Centre (which caters to Liverpool, Lancaster and Manchester residents) received twenty (20) computers, and the Traf-Temp-Community Development Council received seven (7) computers.

The residents expressed their gratitude for the computers and government’s continued support. The eGovernment Agency also pledged to maintain the collaborative relationships with the communities to increase digital equity and support development.