Maintaining visibility of and readily detecting incidents occurring on the NDMA’s eGovernment network infrastructure and ICT-services

The Cybersecurity Division focuses on safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the Government of Guyana’s ICT infrastructure together with its services, applications, and data.

Key responsibilities:

• Maintaining visibility of and readily detecting incidents occurring on the NDMA’s eGovernment network infrastructure and ICT-services

• Maintaining international relationships and collaborations to secure our national information assets

• Responding to, containing, eradicating and recovering from any successful attack

• Keeping abreast with the global threat landscape and continually managing threats and vulnerabilities that may be present on the network or ICT-enabled systems

• Managing risks, defining policies, standards and guidelines, and ensuring that ICT-enabled systems are secured in accordance with data protection and privacy laws and policies

• Facilitating help-desk reporting and information dissemination functions to whole of government.


CIRT.GY is the public brand of the Guyana National Computer Incident Response Team.

The Government of Guyana approved the formation of this team in an August 2012 cabinet decision. Subsequent to this approval, four members of staff were recruited on August 2, 2013.

The team initially functioned as a unit within the Ministry of Public Security until September 30, 2016. Guyana National CIRT is now under the purview of the National Data Management Authority (See NDMA Act here) within the Ministry of Public Telecommunications.

The team is a specialised unit to promptly and correctly manage incidents so they are quickly contained.

Just as firefighters in the real world focus on extinguishing fires and not pursuing or prosecuting arsonists, CIRT.GY functions as digital firefighters. They are NOT law enforcement, nor an intelligence gathering agency.

While the primary role of CIRT.GY is to provide computer incident management, it also serves in the following roles:

  • National point of contact on cybersecurity issues for international agencies and the Government of Guyana
  • Development of incident management capabilities within the nation
  • Provision of Incident Management technical expertise
  • Promotion of cybersecurity issues and awareness nationally
  • Support domestic, regional and international collaboration with other agencies on issues related to cybersecurity

Collaboration with international organisations is an essential part of the work of CIRT.GY. This includes the formation of partnerships to assist in strengthening cybersecurity globally.

  • Participation in the OAS/CICTE network of CIRTs
  • Partner with US-CERT, CERT-EE (Estonia), ColCERT (Colombia), NCSC (Netherlands)
  • Participant in ColCERT’s 2014 Regional Cybersecurity Games, a drill to challenge both offensive and defensive skills.

Contact the CIRT Team

If you have experienced a computer security incident and would like to submit a report to GNCIRT, send an email to which at a minimum contains the following:

  • your contact information
  • description of the incident
  • date the incident occurred
  • date it was discovered

Reports which omit this information may not provide enough detail to allow for further investigation. You can also submit an incident through the CIRT.GY website.