ICT Technical Report

There is a variety of technologies used within telecommunication business for more the 20 years, for transport services point – to – point as well as point – to – multipoint. Most of the technologies will remain in the technology portfolio of telco operators for a long time. The main goal of this chapter is to give overview of different technologies in all network domains and provide clear comprehensive analysis of the communication technologies. Analysis should consider different aspects of the solutions selection such as feasibility to the local environmental conditions, cost effectiveness of the solution and alignment with the strategy of the eGovernment Services delivery. Taking into account local circumstances and demands claimed by the planned services, delive ry of the packet data to the consumer in the sparsely populated areas should occur via the following network parts:

Core Network Access – represented as points of presence (PoP) of Telecommunication service provider or any other owner of the infrastructure within the country. E – services delivery task mainly converges to deployment of the communication channel between PoP and targeted locations.

Backhaul Technology – is a network of links between core network access and concentrators and hubs deployed close to the end consumer of the services

Last Mile Technology – is the most challenging part of the network for the most operators worldwide as it called to establish point – to – multipoint connection between each service consumer and local hub.

Access Technology – is the only technology which in fact visible to the service consumer.


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