ICT eServices Readiness Assessment Report

There are many reasons for fostering an eGovernment initiative, such as the increased effectiveness and efficiency of the public sector and the improved quality of government services provided to citizens (G2C), the business sector (G2B) and within the gov ernment agencies (G2G), which inevitably lead to economic growth and improved gross domestic product. Provisioning these government services online needs a close cooperation of all involved agencies and units, including a common vision, mission and strate gy as well as a work split and clear mandate for the work to be done.

The eGovernment Agency defined its vision to be the ICT vanguard that enables equitable digital citizenship for all Guyanese. This will be achieved by developing and implementing appropr iate ICT solutions , i.e. , e – Services that will transform the delivery of government services. These e – Services will address all citizens, regardless of their location, i.e. , in the hinterland, poor and remote areas as well as in the economic hotspots along the coast.

A ll e – Services will essentially be free of charge to consumers , thus poor communities are benefitting in the same way as remote and hinterland communities. Special e – Services will target hinterland and remote areas and increase the ability to c ommunicate with the coastal areas , e.g., remote classrooms and Tele – Consultation . The extension of reach of selected e – Services to people living abroad might be considered at a later stage.

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