Project Summary

Ministry of Business – Indicator Based Reform Advisory Project

According to the World Bank Group (WB), indicators measured of Doing Business (DB) Report 2016, Guyana ranks 137 (DB2015 rank: 132). In an effort at improving the ranking and the ease at doing business, the Government of Guyana (GoG), through the Ministry of Business (MoB) has initiated a series of measures to improve the Ease at which business can be facilitated in Guyana.

This process entails designing a concrete and comprehensive program aimed at implementing reforms to improve the business environment and to encourage and retain investment thus fostering competitive markets, growth and job creation. The Indicator Based Reform advisory project aims at:

  • Implementing reforms and initiatives that seek to strengthen the business environment and improve the ease of doing business.
  • Administrative and legal reforms with regulatory improvements.
  • Implementing IT infrastructural measures to encourage and support growth within the business environment.

eGovernment’s involvement is to provide the network infrastructure in support of interconnectivity of the identified entities via fibre to the Premises (FTTP) or/and LTE to one or more of the eGovernment network nodes; allowing for communication within and across these agencies. To this effect, the project, which is expected to last 3 years, emphasizes the introduction of ICT to make governance in support of Doing Business more efficient and effective across the following government ministries/agencies:

  • Commercial Registry
  • Deeds Registry
  • Land Registry
  • Guyana Revenue Authority
  • National Insurance Scheme
  • Central Housing and Planning Authority
  • Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission