Project Summary


The Maritime Administration Department is the primary organization for maritime policy and administration for the Government of Guyana. It performs several important Flag State Functions, Ship registrations, ship inspections and certifications, port state control functions, port security, implementation of international conventions and the examination and certification of seafarers. In addition this is necessary to bring Guyana into compliance with international maritime requirements regarding the documentation of seafarers and the tracking of seafaring activities.

In MARAD’s quest to establish its organizational IT goals by 2019, it has solicited services from the eGovernment for the provision of connectivity services via eGovernment network. It is intended that the connection will support the goals of MARAD’s mission as it requires ICT specialized solutions which will enable the workforce to efficiently collaborate through such in order to achieve excellence in its IT service delivery. This process will also entail the restructuring of the existing IT workforce and incorporate a change management process to promote effective and efficient customer-focused service delivery.