Project Summary

Georgetown – Fiber ring

The completed national backbone network comprises of a “capital ring” networks and microwave and a LTE network. The project was designed to meet current communication requirements and lay a solid foundation for future service evolution. The capital ring currently includes a fiber optic infrastructure that spans the geographic locations that encompasses 27km of fiber and is part of a network structure that delivers sufficient bandwidth for access nodes and avoids single point failures. It encompasses four (4) core sites (Dolphin Secondary School, Transport Sports Club, University of Guyana and Castellani House) and one node site (National Frequency Management Unit – NFMU) with redundancy (see attached image) that eliminates service interruption caused by networking issues.

This “capital ring” though not limited to, can provide among others:

  • Increases the transparency of government activities
  • Enables departments to share public data
  • Enhance inter-departmental coordination
  • Reduces government administration costs, and generally improves work efficiency

This ring provides a dedicated network for the government that can easily construct and maintain its official website and implement a business information platform capable of attracting more foreign investment and generating employment opportunities. Thus, the government can both improve its international reputation and seek to further boost economic development.