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Georgetown – Fiber ring

The completed national backbone network comprises of a “capital ring” networks and microwave and a LTE network. The project was designed to meet current communication requirements and lay a solid foundation for future service evolution. The capital ring currently includes a fiber optic infrastru... Read More

The Transport Network

The eGovernment’s transport network consists of 53 Towers, inclusive of four (4) core sites, a Data Center in Georgetown 48 microwave links and an outside plant (OSP) comprising of east west and south chain totaling 54 KM of optical fiber. The LTE sites extend East to Skeldon, West to Parika and S... Read More

Appointment Scheduling

Generally, Government agencies see a large number of persons frequently because of the nature of their services. Usually this involves long queues. In an effort to improve the efficiency of these services and to reduce the costs to citizens, the Government of Guyana has embarked on a process to enab... Read More

Schools Connectivity

The aim of this project is to connect 50 pilot secondary schools in the first instance into a private lease connection with the National Center for Education Research and Development those that these schools can directly access a number of e-learning resources and provide real time feedback to NCERD... Read More

Community ICT Hubs

This project is for the establishment of 24 community based public access ICT sites across Guyana (12 Hinterland & 12 Coastland), in the initial instance. The project involves building community relations and ownership of the spaces through and the physical installation of the connectivity infra... Read More

Government Portal

The Government of Guyana through its agencies provide a host of services to the public. Some of these agencies are not easily accessible and may have procedures that are not well known by the public. The Government portal is a project to provide a one stop clearing house for all Government services.... Read More

ICT access and eServices for hinterland, poor and remote communities – UNDP

Enhancing equity in the access to ICT and Government of Guyana services and is the main aim of this project. In particular the focus is on hinterland, poor and remote communities as the most underserved with greatest need. The project will see the installation of infrastructure which will enable con... Read More

Citizenship and Immigration Information System (CIIS)

Comprising two sub-projects – online passport application processing and online visa applications – this will modernize the Immigration Information and Processing Systems through Guyana and significantly reduce the costs related to these services. In addition the project will help to bri... Read More

Citizens’ Issues Reporting Solution “Tell Us”

“Tell Us” will connect citizens directly to the entities responsible for providing services and responding to their particular needs. The web or mobile based application will facilitate citizens’ reporting of issues directly responsible agencies. This would significantly reduce tra... Read More

Fibre Connection Project

The following Ministries/Agencies have been connected to our fibre network Ministry of Public Telecommunications Ministry of Natural Resources Ministry of Agriculture Central Housing & Planning Authority (CHPA) Ministry of Public Infrastructure Ministry of Legal Affairs Guyana Revenue Authority ... Read More

Colocation Data Center services

Through its government-to-business (G2B) services, the colocation services hosted across the eGovernment transport framework is intended to provide among other equipment, space, and bandwidth for rental customers. Colocation facilities provide space, power, cooling, and physical security for the ser... Read More

GPL Project

Since the supply of the service will create its own higher demand, eGovernment could find itself under increasing pressure for additional services. It is in this regards that a rebus and expansive network is needed. eGovernment in collaboration with GPL can make use of the dark fibers in GPL’s fib... Read More


The Maritime Administration Department is the primary organization for maritime policy and administration for the Government of Guyana. It performs several important Flag State Functions, Ship registrations, ship inspections and certifications, port state control functions, port security, implementa... Read More

Ministry of Finance- Integrated Financial Management and Accounting System (IFMAS) Project

The MOF currently has a wide area network (WAN) microwave infrastructure that spans several GoG ministries and departments and provide a direct virtual private network (VPN) connection to the Integrated Financial Management and Accounting System (IFMAS) business solution. With the fiber optic backbo... Read More

Ministry of Business – Indicator Based Reform Advisory Project

According to the World Bank Group (WB), indicators measured of Doing Business (DB) Report 2016, Guyana ranks 137 (DB2015 rank: 132). In an effort at improving the ranking and the ease at doing business, the Government of Guyana (GoG), through the Ministry of Business (MoB) has initiated a series of... Read More
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