Pre-Bid Minutes for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Solar Photovoltaic Systems for ICT Hubs (12-10-2018)

 No.  NDMA Revisions  Amendments to the Bid Document
1. Reference: Page 25 of the Bid Document – Technical Specifications, 4th paragraph and Page 27 – Energy Storage Systems, 1st line. Change from: minimum 9.6kWh energy storage capacity
 Change To: minimum 12kWh energy storage capacity 
2. Reference: Page 25 of the Bid Document Change from: 250 Ah 12v, sealed lead-acid deep cycle batteries 

Change to: 250 Ah, sealed lead-acid deep cycle batteries. 

3. Reference: Page 30 of the Bid Document – Cabinet for Energy Storage Change from: Cabinets should have sufficient size to house up to 8 batteries … 


Change To: Cabinets Should have sufficient size to house batteries …

4. Reference: Page 30 of the Bid Document – Photovoltaic Modules Disregard 2nd bullet point.
 No.  Questions from Prospective Bidders   Response
1. Should VAT be reflected in the bid? Yes. VAT should be reflected in a separate line. The Solar Photovoltaic systems are exempt from VAT (see Annex 1 to the minutes of the – GRA correspondence) . Other items and the installation services will attract VAT.
2. What is the reason for the change of inverter size? The NDMA is catering for future growth or expansion of the hubs.
3. Are these off-grid systems? Yes. However, the inverters have the capability for charging and can therefore connect to the grid or a generator.
4. The minimum PV arrays of 1800 watts may not work well for this application. The NDMA is catering for systems growth and increasing capacity in the future.
5. Is there any option to use gel batteries? No. As specified in the bid document, it must be lead acid batteries.
6. Bullet point 2 on page 30 is not clear. Please disregard bullet point 2. It is not applicable to the specification.

An addendum to the bid document with this clarification will be shared with attendees and all other bidders who request the bid documents.

7. With reference to the locations, are there pictures of the locations available? No. We can request additional information from the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs. Bidders are also welcome to visit the sites.
8. Can we have contact information of persons at the sites for make enquires relating to logistics? The NDMA will provide this information to all interested bidders.
9. Regarding the cabinet for energy storage: Can these be sealed? Why this size? No. Cabinets cannot be sealed as they need ventilation.

The size caters for future growth of the system.

10. Why is the system using 12V batteries? 12V batteries will not allow for 4 years warranty as requested.

2V batteries would be better serve to meet the requirements of warranty.

The query is noted.

Please see amendments to the bid document noted above in Section 1, No. 2 and 3 reflecting revised specifications requirements for:


a.      Batteries

b.      Cabinet

11. Is the delivery date negotiable? No. This project must be completed this year.
12. What certification is required? The following certifications are required:

a.      Manufacturers’ certifications

b.      The Guyana Electrical Inspectorate (GEI) will certify each installation.

c.      The Contractor will be required to pay GYD500 for each certificate.

13. Who is responsible for ensuring the GEI visits the sites? The National Data Management Authority will coordinate with the GEI for the site visits.
14. Was the discharge rate provided? Yes. It is C10


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