In a country with a fully functioning digital government, citizens are better able to access public services and play an integral role in the furtherance of good governance, transparency, accountability, democracy and sustainable development.

eParticipation, would, therefore, empower citizens, giving you the ability to communicate with Government and be an active participant in our country’s development.

eParticipation seeks to:

Reduce digital exclusion (divide) at all levels; both externally, between Guyana and other countries, and locally, between coastal, hinterland, poor and remote communities.
Increase citizen’s digital participation in the furtherance of good governance, transparency, accountability, democracy and sustainable development.

Projects under the eParticipation Pillar:

Citizens’ Issues Reporting Solution “Tell Us”

Phase I of the platform’s implementation will include a Citizen’s Incident Reporting Component which will enable Citizens to submit reports on incidents that need the Government’s attention. Appropriate government agencies will then act upon the reported incidents while keeping interested parties updated on actions taken.

Phase II of the platform’s implementation will include a Public Information Notice Component will be implemented that is which will involve a dedicated repository for public notices, e.g. public holidays, new acts, new gazette entries, surveys, polls, and other items typically published in newspapers. These notices can be dispatched via various electronic channels such as email, SMS, Government Portal, RSS feeds etc. to reach targeted recipients. This component provides mainly a one-way participatory channel for end-users.

An eGazette Component will be implemented which will replace the current electronic version in operation to allow for enhanced search capabilities while maintaining the benefits of the current version. New entries to the eGazette will integrate with the Public Information Notice Component that will notify interested parties of those entries. This component provides mainly a one-way participatory channel for end-users.

A Citizen’s Report Card/eSurvey/ePoll Component will be implemented. The Citizen’s Report Card feature of that component seeks to gather statistically significant information from actual users of a service offered to the public to inform changes in the way in which the service is supplied to the public. The eSurvey/ePoll feature of that component will allow for Government Agencies to develop electronic formats of surveys/polls and distribute them via the Public Information Notice Component. End-users will then complete these esurveys/epolls and the responsible Government Agencies will be able to perform analysis on the submissions received for decision making.

Benefits to the public:

“The purpose of the overall project is to facilitate citizen-to-Government and Government-to-Citizens interactions that bring citizens closer to government, thus giving them a direct input in policy development, problem-solving and streamlining the actions that are to be taken to address issues affecting them. It is anticipated that the inevitable comparisons of citizens’ approval ratings of services received from Government ministries/agencies will inspire agencies to enhance their performance, thus benefitting the entire country.

Governmet ICT Hubs

The NDMA’s eGovernment ICT Hubs provide computers and Internet access for communities and allow the agency to fulfil Government’s mandate of delivering a high quality of ICT services to all communities in Guyana.

Residents in these communities are now empowered by having access to information and this, in turn, promotes greater inclusion.

ICT access and eServices for hinterland, poor and remote communities – UNDP

Appointment Scheduling

Schools Connectivity