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Secondary Schools connected to the eGovernment Network


Below is a list of the Secondary Schools connected to the eGovernment Network.

Site NameRegionType of Site
Santa Rosa Secondary School1Secondary School
Port Kaituma Secondary School1Secondary School
Mabaruma Secondary School1Secondary School
Matthews Ridge Primary School (Secondary Department)1Secondary School
Abram Zuil Secondary School2Secondary School
Anna Regina Multi Secondary School2Secondary School
Charity Secondary School2Secondary School
Cotton Field Secondary School2Secondary School
Johanna Cecelia Secondary School2Secondary School
8th May Secondary School2Secondary School
Aurora Secondary School2Secondary School
Patentia Secondary School3Secondary School
L'Adventure Secondary School3Secondary School
Vreed-en-Hoop Secondary School3Secondary School
Uitvlugt Secondary School3Secondary School
Parika/Salem Secondary School3Secondary School
Stewartville Secondary School3Secondary School
Vergenoegen Secondary School3Secondary School
Leguan Secondary School3Secondary School
Wakenaam Secondary School3Secondary School
Leonora Secondary School3Secondary School
Zeeburg Secondary School3Secondary School
West Demerara Secondary School3Secondary School
Diamond Secondary School04 (EBD)Secondary School
Covent Garden Secondary School04 (EBD)Secondary School
Houston Secondary School04 (EBD)Secondary School
Annandale Secondary School04 (ECD)Secondary School
Beterverwagting Secondary School04 (ECD)Secondary School
Bladen Hall Secondary School04 (ECD)Secondary School
Friendship Secondary School04 (ECD)Secondary School
Hope Secondary School04 (ECD)Secondary School
Plaisance Secondary School04 (ECD)Secondary School
LBI Secondary School04 (ECD)Secondary School
Ann's Grove Secondary School04 (ECD)Secondary School
Buxton Secondary School04 (ECD)Secondary School
North Georgetown Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
Richard Ishmael Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
St. Joseph High School04 (GT)Secondary School
Tutorial High School04 (GT)Secondary School
Queen's College04 (GT)Secondary School
Kingston Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
Queenstown Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
St. John's College Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
St. Barnabas Special School04 (GT)Secondary School
St. Winefride's Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
New Campbellville Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
Cummings Lodge Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
North Ruimveldt Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
Christ Church Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
The Bishop's High School04 (GT)Secondary School
St. George's High School04 (GT)Secondary School
St. Rose's High School04 (GT)Secondary School
St. Stanislaus College School04 (GT)Secondary School
Brickdam Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
Central High School04 (GT)Secondary School
Charlestown Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
St. Mary's Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
Ascension Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
Carmel Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
Dolphin Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
Freeburg Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
Lodge Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
Tucville Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
East Ruimveldt Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
South Ruimveldt Park Secondary School04 (GT)Secondary School
Bygeval Secondary School5Secondary School
Belladrum Secondary School5Secondary School
Bush Lot Secondary School5Secondary School
Fort Wellington Secondary School5Secondary School
Mahaicony Secondary School5Secondary School
No. 8 Secondary School5Secondary School
Lancaster Secondary School5Secondary School
Rosignol Secondary School5Secondary School
Berbice Educational Institute 6Secondary School
Berbice High School6Secondary School
Canje Secondary School6Secondary School
J. C. Chandisingh Secondary School6Secondary School
Manchester Secondary School6Secondary School
New Amsterdam Multilateral Secondary School6Secondary School
Skeldon Line Path Secondary School6Secondary School
Vryman's Erven Secondary School6Secondary School
Central Corentyne Secondary School6Secondary School
Corentyne Comprehensive Secondary School6Secondary School
Lower Corentyne Secondary School6Secondary School
Port Mourant Secondary School6Secondary School
Skeldon High School6Secondary School
Tagore Memorial Secondary School6Secondary School
Tutorial Academy Secondary School6Secondary School
Winifred Gaskin Memorial Secondary School6Secondary School
Bartica Secondary School7Secondary School
Waramadong Secondary School7Secondary School
Mahdia Secondary School8Secondary School
Paramakatoi Secondary School8Secondary School
Kato Secondary School8Secondary School
Sand Creek Secondary School9Secondary School
Karasabai Primary School9Secondary School
Annai Secondary School9Secondary School
St. Ignatius Secondary School9Secondary School
Aishalton Secondary School9Secondary School
Kwakwani Secondary School10Secondary School
Harmony Secondary School10Secondary School
Linden Foundation Secondary School10Secondary School
New Silver City Secondary School10Secondary School
Wisburg Secondary School10Secondary School
McKenzie Secondary School10Secondary School
Christianburg Secondary School10Secondary School
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