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Primary Schools connected to the eGovernment Network


Below is a list of Primary Schools that are connected to the eGovernment Network.

Site NameRegionType of Site
Charity2Primary School
8th of May (Darthmouth)2Primary School
Anna Regina2Primary School
Better Hope2Primary School
Queenstown2Primary School
Fisher (Golden Fleece)2Primary School
Hampton Court2Primary School
Sparta2Primary School
Taymouth Manor2Primary School
Aurora2Primary School
Huis t'Dieren2Primary School
Suddie2Primary School
Good Hope2Primary School
Riverstown2Primary School
Parika3Primary School
Two Brothers3Primary School
Saraswat3Primary School
Blankenburg3Primary School
Cornelia Ida3Primary School
Crane3Primary School
Den Amstel3Primary School
Goed Fortuin3Primary School
Greenwich Park3Primary School
La Grange3Primary School
La Retraite3Primary School
Leonora3Primary School
Malgre Tout3Primary School
Mc Gillivary (Canal No 1)3Primary School
Nismes3Primary School
Philadelphia3Primary School
Uitvlugt3Primary School
Wales3Primary School
Meten-Meer-Zorg3Primary School
Windsor Forest3Primary School
Vreen-En-Hoop3Primary School
Tuschen3Primary School
Bagotville3Primary School
Salem3Primary School
La Parfait Harmonie3Primary School
Zeelugt3Primary School
Stewartville3Primary School
Enmore Hope04 (ECD)Primary School
La Bonne Intention04 (ECD)Primary School
Plaisance04 (ECD)Primary School
Vryheid's Lust04 (ECD)Primary School
Cane Grove04 (ECD)Primary School
Company Road04 (ECD)Primary School
Enmore04 (ECD)Primary School
Friendship04 (ECD)Primary School
Helena04 (ECD)Primary School
Mon Repos04 (ECD)Primary School
Paradise04 (ECD)Primary School
Supply 04 (ECD)Primary School
Swami Purnananda04 (ECD)Primary School
Ann's Grove04 (ECD)Primary School
Annandale04 (ECD)Primary School
Beterverwagting04 (ECD)Primary School
Chateau Margot04 (ECD)Primary School
Clonbrook04 (ECD)Primary School
Enterprise04 (ECD)Primary School
Gibson04 (ECD)Primary School
Hope Estate04 (ECD)Primary School
Lusignan04 (ECD)Primary School
Mahaica04 (ECD)Primary School
Montrose04 (ECD)Primary School
St Andrew's04 (ECD)Primary School
St Paul's04 (ECD)Primary School
Strathspey04 (ECD)Primary School
Supply04 (ECD)Primary School
Victoria04 (ECD)Primary School
Virginia (Cane Grove)04 (ECD)Primary School
Craig04 (EBD)Primary School
Grove04 (EBD)Primary School
Peter's Hall04 (EBD)Primary School
Providence04 (EBD)Primary School
Diamond04 (EBD)Primary School
Eccles04 (EBD)Primary School
Covent Garden04 (EBD)Primary School
Mocha Arcadia04 (EBD)Primary School
St Mary's04 (EBD)Primary School
Agricola04 (EBD)Primary School
Comenius04 (GT)Primary School
Graham's Hall04 (GT)Primary School
Ketley04 (GT)Primary School
North Georgetown04 (GT)Primary School
Redeemer04 (GT)Primary School
South R/Veldt04 (GT)Primary School
St Agnes04 (GT)Primary School
St Angela's04 (GT)Primary School
St Gabriel's04 (GT)Primary School
St Pius04 (GT)Primary School
St Sidwell's04 (GT)Primary School
St Stephen's04 (GT)Primary School
Stella Maris04 (GT)Primary School
Thomas Moore04 (GT)Primary School
Winfer Gardens04 (GT)Primary School
Tucville04 (GT)Primary School
West Ruimveldt04 (GT)Primary School
Calcutta5Primary School
Zealand5Primary School
Strath Campbell5Primary School
Gangaram5Primary School
Litchfield5Primary School
Fairfield5Primary School
Rosignol5Primary School
Bath5Primary School
Belladrum5Primary School
Blairmont5Primary School
Cotton Tree5Primary School
Hopetown5Primary School
Ithaca5Primary School
Lachmansingh5Primary School
Lichfield5Primary School
Sheet Anchor5Primary School
Comberland5Primary School
Betsy Ground5Primary School
No. 295Primary School
No. 55Primary School
No. 85Primary School
Novar5Primary School
Seafield5Primary School
Bush Lot5Primary School
Woodley Park5Primary School
Mahaicony5Primary School
All Saints6Primary School
Corriverton6Primary School
Crabwood Creek6Primary School
Cropper6Primary School
Fyrish6Primary School
Mc Gowan6Primary School
Mibikuri6Primary School
Aucklene6Primary School
New Amsterdam6Primary School
No. 686Primary School
Port Mourant6Primary School
Rose Hall Estate6Primary School
Rose Hall Town6Primary School
St. Aloysius6Primary School
#51 Primary6Primary School
#36 Primary6Primary School
#043 Primary6Primary School
#048 Primary6Primary School
#63 Primary6Primary School
Tain Primary6Primary School
Bohemia Primary6Primary School
St. Therese's6Primary School
Wellington Park6Primary School
Mc Bowen6Primary School
Massiah6Primary School
#59 Village6Primary School
Amelia's Ward10Primary School
Bamia10Primary School
Christianburg10Primary School
One Mile10Primary School
Mackenzie10Primary School
Regma10Primary School
St. Aidan's10Primary School
Watooka Day10Primary School
Wismar Hill10Primary School
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