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eGovernment ICT Hubs connected to the eGovernment Network

With over 100 ICT Hubs connected in all ten regions countrywide, citizens can have free access to the internet to do research, conduct business and surf the internet. Below is a list of the eGovernment ICT Hubs connected to the eGovernment Network.

Site NameRegionType of Site
One Mile10eGovernment ICT Hub
Port Kaituma1eGovernment ICT Hub
Baramita1eGovernment ICT Hub
Mabaruma1eGovernment ICT Hub
Santa Rosa1eGovernment ICT Hub
Matthew's Ridge1eGovernment ICT Hub
Affiance2eGovernment ICT Hub
Mainstay/Whyaka2eGovernment ICT Hub
Good Hope2eGovernment ICT Hub
Dartmouth2eGovernment ICT Hub
Queenstown2eGovernment ICT Hub
Charity2eGovernment ICT Hub
Anna Regina2eGovernment ICT Hub
Leguan3eGovernment ICT Hub
Parika3eGovernment ICT Hub
Hyde Park3eGovernment ICT Hub
Wales3eGovernment ICT Hub
Goed Intent/Sisters3eGovernment ICT Hub
Windsor Forest3eGovernment ICT Hub
Belle West3eGovernment ICT Hub
Phoenix Park3eGovernment ICT Hub
Vreed-en-Hoop3eGovernment ICT Hub
Vive La Force3eGovernment ICT Hub
La Parfaite Harmonie3eGovernment ICT Hub
Farm3eGovernment ICT Hub
Bagotville3eGovernment ICT Hub
Wakenaam3eGovernment ICT Hub
Salem3eGovernment ICT Hub
Meten-Meer-Zorg3eGovernment ICT Hub
Stanleytown3eGovernment ICT Hub
Free and Easy3eGovernment ICT Hub
Canal No. 13eGovernment ICT Hub
Canal No. 23eGovernment ICT Hub
Goed Fortuin 3eGovernment ICT Hub
Stewartville3eGovernment ICT Hub
Craig4eGovernment ICT Hub
Agricola4eGovernment ICT Hub
Mocha Arcadia4eGovernment ICT Hub
Grove4eGovernment ICT Hub
Enterprise4eGovernment ICT Hub
Melanie Damishana4eGovernment ICT Hub
Golden Grove4eGovernment ICT Hub
Nabacalis4eGovernment ICT Hub
Better Hope4eGovernment ICT Hub
Plaisance4eGovernment ICT Hub
Beterverwagting4eGovernment ICT Hub
Victoria4eGovernment ICT Hub
Buxton (Tipperary Hall)4eGovernment ICT Hub
Hope Children's Home4eGovernment ICT Hub
Mahaica Children's Home4eGovernment ICT Hub
Buxton4eGovernment ICT Hub
Lusignan4eGovernment ICT Hub
Sophia- E Field4eGovernment ICT Hub
Sophia- B Field4eGovernment ICT Hub
North Ruimveldt4eGovernment ICT Hub
Peters Hall4eGovernment ICT Hub
Paradise4eGovernment ICT Hub
Cane Grove4eGovernment ICT Hub
Albouystown4eGovernment ICT Hub
Joshua House4eGovernment ICT Hub
St. Ann's Orphanage4eGovernment ICT Hub
Shaheed Boys Orphanage4eGovernment ICT Hub
Sophia Care Centre4eGovernment ICT Hub
West Ruimveldt Children's Home4eGovernment ICT Hub
East Ruimveldt4eGovernment ICT Hub
West Ruimvedlt4eGovernment ICT Hub
Ann's Grove4eGovernment ICT Hub
Supply (Mahaica)4eGovernment ICT Hub
Mahaicony5eGovernment ICT Hub
Woodley Park5eGovernment ICT Hub
Calcutta5eGovernment ICT Hub
Trafalgar Union5eGovernment ICT Hub
Litchfield5eGovernment ICT Hub
Blairmont5eGovernment ICT Hub
Bush Lot5eGovernment ICT Hub
No.53 Village6eGovernment ICT Hub
Kilcoy/Chesney6eGovernment ICT Hub
Fyrish6eGovernment ICT Hub
Caracas6eGovernment ICT Hub
No. 39 Stanleytown6eGovernment ICT Hub
Glasgow6eGovernment ICT Hub
Sandvoort6eGovernment ICT Hub
Liverpool/Lancaster/Manchester6eGovernment ICT Hub
Kildonan6eGovernment ICT Hub
Whim6eGovernment ICT Hub
Rose Hall6eGovernment ICT Hub
Sisters6eGovernment ICT Hub
Albion6eGovernment ICT Hub
Port Mourant6eGovernment ICT Hub
Crabwood Creek6eGovernment ICT Hub
Smithfield6eGovernment ICT Hub
Number 786eGovernment ICT Hub
Bartica7eGovernment ICT Hub
Waramadong7eGovernment ICT Hub
Mahdia8eGovernment ICT Hub
Iwokrama8eGovernment ICT Hub
Paramakatoi8eGovernment ICT Hub
Karasabai9eGovernment ICT Hub
Masakenari9eGovernment ICT Hub
Sand Creek9eGovernment ICT Hub
St. Ignatius9eGovernment ICT Hub
Annai9eGovernment ICT Hub
Aishalton9eGovernment ICT Hub
Victory Valley10eGovernment ICT Hub
Bamia10eGovernment ICT Hub
Block 2210eGovernment ICT Hub
Christianburg10eGovernment ICT Hub
Amelia's Ward10eGovernment ICT Hub
Kwakwani10eGovernment ICT Hub