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Unified Approach for Information Communication Technology (ICT) Procurement

The Government of Guyana (GoG) has decided that there should be a unified approach for the acquisition of Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment, solutions and services in order to maximize investments. In keeping with this vision, the National Data Management Authority (NDMA) has been tasked with overseeing the implementation of this harmonized approach within the Public Service. Therefore, the endorsement of the NDMA is required for the acquisition of:

a) All hardware and software that require the Guyana National Tender and Procurement Administration Board’s Approval, and

b) All Internet and Wide Area Network (WAN) services.

All requests and queries for endorsements must be submitted through an endorsement request form to the NDMA via official government emails to


Effective February 11, 2019: All requests for endorsements must be submitted with immediate effect using the ICT Endorsement Web-Based Application. This is aimed at optimizing and digitally streamlining this endorsement process from request creation to resolution.
Access to the application is provided via an enrollment process and Agencies are invited to identify officers to fill the necessary roles (See Department of Public Service Circular for Details). The necessary information should be submitted to the National Data Management Authority at Lot 267 Forshaw Street, Queenstown using the telephone number 231-6860 or via email

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