The creation of a digital government involves the establishment of an interconnected framework through which Government Ministries and Agencies can operate.

This fosters better communication between government agencies as well as between government and citizens and government and businesses.

The concept of eAdministration- or digital administration- will, therefore, see the implementation of a secure ICT powered environment which will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Government’s operations.

eAdministration seeks to:

  • Adopt and promote environmentally friendly and sustainable ICT practices within the public sector.
  • Implement a whole-of-government approach for ICT adoption, capacity development and interoperability among Government Agencies.
  • Promote/Support Government of Guyana’s ICT initiatives through synergies locally, regionally and internationally.

Projects under the eAdministration Pillar:

Whole-of-Government Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

To effectively manage the knowledge necessary for the efficient functioning of a modern public sector, government information and content need to be stored electronically.  However, mere electronic storage is not enough to reap the full benefits of modern ICTs.  A system must be set up to facilitate the effective creation, storage and retrieval of content.

The solution is to digitise and migrate, to the extent possible, all of Government’s paper-based source documents into a searchable, electronic format that is stored in a secure database within a whole-of-Government EDMS platform.  This solution shall be in the form of a single platform that shall be utilised by government ministries and agencies to effectively manage digital content and paper-based documents.

Benefits to the public:

Such a platform can assist in better decision-making by policymakers through access to key information; improved service delivery to the citizenry through the availability of records pertaining to them; and better accountability via a secure system that provides audit trails.

The first phase seeks to digitize the property information in the custody of the Land Registry.  The ultimate vision is that all government agencies will contribute digital content to the whole-of-Government EDMS platform.

Web Hosting Facilities Cloud Solution/Web and Email

The current online solution (dedicated server) utilised by the National Data Management Authority (NDMA) for web hosting has been sufficient in meeting the needs of the operations thus far. However, given the projected resources required to support the demands of services for all of government along with the hosting existing service provider (Host Gator) means of assigning and scaling resources, intermittent issues encountered coupled with the timeline for implementation within the data center and the need for an external site (outside of the country) has prompted the exploration of alternative options for web hosting facilities.

The NDMA will, therefore, develop an enterprise cloud-based solution for eGovernment (eGov) services, being both web hosting and email facilities that will be offered as common desktop business applications to end users. This solution is expected to maximize functionality, increase productivity, and provide greater value to agency business units through lower costs and higher levels of security and availability.

Benefits to the public:

Government agency business units will benefit from lower costs and higher levels of security and availability. The citizen is able to more reliably access government websites through a highly available platform.