Policy, Planning and Training Division

The Policy, Planning and Training Division is responsible for ICT policy administration, ICT quality management and capacity development of ICT professionals for and within the Public Sector by championing strategic Policy and Training programmes and/or projects. It is also responsible for ensuring consistent quality and standards are achieved in the operations of, and ICT services provided by, the National Data Management Authority.

Key responsibilities:

•    Developing, implementing and maintaining e-Government and ICT policies for the effective guidance and regulation of ICT investments, operations and use within the public sector.

•    Developing, implementing and maintaining training policies, programmes and partnerships (locally and internationally) to provide continuous availability of a highly and appropriately skilled, dynamic, motivated and committed ICT workforce to meet the demands of the public sector, and the private sector, as the need arises.

•    Developing, implementing and maintaining policies, programmes and frameworks to support a robust ICT research and development ecosystem as a key and integral role in accelerating progress towards the achievement of national developmental goals.

•    Developing, implementing and maintaining Quality Management policies, processes and procedures to ensure that the planning and execution of ICT development works and the delivery of ICT services are measurable and satisfy international best practices and standards in order to control and improve the core business processes of the Public Sector.

• Developing and/or reviewing relevant project documentation, Annual Operating Plans and strategic plans to support the Agency’s activities and achieving its goals and objectives.