Infrastructure Division

The Infrastructure division is responsible for providing physical connectivity to public entities using: aerial and buried fibre optic cables, high-capacity microwave links, LTE 4G cellular service, and at times VPN services via local telecommunication companies.

To provide the connectivity required, and to host the higher-level services for all public entities, the Infrastructure division also operates a data centre that connects all infrastructure and thus all public entities.

Key responsibilities:

•    Overseeing the operations related to IT infrastructure including the 4G cellular communications infrastructure, coastal fiber optic network, local area networks, wide area networks, mediation services, data centre equipment and power/cooling systems.

•    Ensuring the reliable operation of a hybrid network that connects government ministries and other public entities to a common data centre and a Network Operations Centre (NOC).

•    Leading strategic technological planning to achieve goals by prioritising technical initiatives and coordinating the evaluation, development, and management of current and future technologies.

•    Collaborating with the appropriate government ministries to develop and maintain a technology plan that supports standardisation with Government’s needs and direction taken into consideration.

•    Developing and communicating business/technology alignment plans to the executive team, staff, and internal or external stakeholders.

•    Directing the development, execution, and routine testing of Government-wide disaster recovery plans and continuity plans.