Community Development and Social Management Division

This Division is responsible for fostering the development of Communities through access to ICT services and managing the needs of the people in order to ensure that they have constant access to information and are able to share in the good life promised by the Government of Guyana.

Key responsibilities:

•    Planning, managing, monitoring and evaluating ICT and eGovernment programmes and projects while facilitating community involvement.

•    Developing and/or reviewing relevant project documentation, Annual Operating Plans, and strategic plans to support the Agency’s activities and achieving its goals and objectives.

•    Developing, managing and evaluating social management and community development plans including timelines and costs. Key components of this plan include: designing a framework to identify poor and remote communities to address digital exclusion and identifying barriers to accessing e-government services and making recommendations for addressing identified barriers.

•    Liaising with Government counterparts at the national and local levels and eGovernment project teams to support the effective implementation of the various activities in the Annual Operating Plans and to ensure specific needs of government agencies are met.

•    Identifying key sources of information and consulting with them to collect necessary qualitative and quantitative metrics necessary to support project implementation. This will include surveys, focus group discussions, or key informant interviews as well as secondary/desk research.

•    Undertaking the relevant analysis of data in order to monitor the social, development, and economic impacts of project activities.

•    Preparing, designing, and conducting consultations, focus group discussions and workshops for the project staff and other stakeholders to enhance participation, commitment, and perception of the various aspects of a project.

•    Making recommendations on project modifications and solutions to organisational, social, and economic issues impacting the project.