The driver is responsible for the day to day operation of their assigned vehicle in a safe manner, paying keen attention to the ‘Five Cs’ whilst transporting staff and goods as assigned by the transportation officer, taking due care to ensure the vehicle is in proper working order before going on each assignment.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • To drive staff safely to and from destinations as authorised by Management
  • To ensure vehicle assigned is clean and tidy before taking staff on assignments
  • To log all trips in the assigned drivers logbook
  • To conduct basic mechanical checks on assigned vehicle daily including, radiator coolant levels, windscreen washer water levels, oil dipstick levels, battery water levels (if non maintenance free) and tire pressure levels.
  • To inspect assigned vehicle for any physical damage before and after driving during shift, and report any damage immediately to the appropriate personnel.
  • To perform any other related duties and responsibilities for the smooth functioning of the Unit.

Minimum Qualifications

A complete secondary education PLUS a valid drivers licence and thorough knowledge of the traffic regulations and a minimum of five (5) years driving experience.


A complete primary education PLUS a valid driers licence with a minimum of ten (10) years driving experience and thorough knowledge of the traffic regulations.



Send your applications to the address below or fill out our application form at the bottom of this page: 

The Human Resources Manager

National Data Management Authority

267 Forshaw Street



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